Introduction to the TSC

Transnational Student Congress in Marburg
Oct. 28th – Nov. 3rd 2013

For the past few years we have witnessed massive protests and uprisings around the world in which students played a fundamental role. At the same time there was never such great potential to connect and support each other on the transnational and global level as there is today.

To advance this positive aspect of globalisation the Transnational Student Congress (TSC) will take place in Marburg, a cosy city in the middle of Germany.

The TSC will be a place for students around the world involved in emancipatory struggles; people who struggle for issues such as equal access to education, women empowerment, student empowerment and gender equality. Two main focusses will also be on the general developments within educational systems as well as concepts of democracy. Another main topic will be the ongoing political transformations in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Besides being a platform to come together, network, exchange experiences and ideas and learn about the current situation elsewhere, the TSC will be a place to work on a common ground for a transnational network of emancipatory forces.

The congress is open to all identifying with emancipatory struggles and depends on everyones active participation. In order to allow for a maximum of interaction, the number of lectures will be kept to a minimum, instead workshops, discussions and other paticipatory forms of communication will shape the program. Participants themselves are encouraged to initiate contributions on topics related to emancipatory struggles of their choice. These might range from giving inputs to a discussion to offering workshops or other activities.

Furthermore people are encouraged to announce their contributions on our website. For a chance of it to be included in the congress guide this has to happen before October 14th. All participants are kindly asked to register on our website as soon as possible, in order to help the organisational team with the planning.

Though financial support for everyone cannot be guaranteed, we will try our very best to make it possible for everyone interested to be able to participate. Participants in need of reimbursements for their travel expenditures or an invitation letter for the visa have to register before August 15th.

Congress attendance will be free of charge, there will be free meals and places to sleep will be offered.

We ask groups to consider that we strongly encourage women to participate.

To stay informed about the latest news on the TSC sign up to this newsletter.
In addition to this introduction make sure to also read the self-conception of the TSC Orga Collective.

Feel free to contact for any questions related to the TSC.



  1. alieu sowe

    am a youth activis in the Gambia west Africa,called the youth and young worker association,we are mandated to mobilize all youth special in the informal sector with all trades capentary maision welder we also fight child labour. We organise siminar and sentize etc.

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