Self-Conception of the TSC Orga-Collective

We already received a lot of feedback and many registrations for the TSC. To make sure that none of you gets a wrong picture of the congress, we would like you to read our self-conception in addition to the introduction:
The Transnational Student Congress is supposed to be a place of conversation, discussion, exchange of ideas and networking for students all over the world. Therefore we would like everybody who  attends the congress also to contribute to the program.
Futhermore we want participants to know that we as organizers strive for a non-hierarchical society and see ourselves as part of the struggel for emancipation and self-governance. We are very critical of the capitalist system and question predominant power structures. We strive for these values to be reflected in the congress.
The congress is for students involved in groups on the grassroots level, consequently the TSC is no platform for self-advertising of groups or political parties, nor do we want it to be used for someone’s own personal career objectives.
Feel free to get back to us, if you have any questions:


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