TSC Newsletter #2

In addition to Newsletter #1 we herewith publish Newsletter #2 šŸ™‚

  • self-conception
  • infophone
  • call going out to flat-sharing communities in Marburg
  • deadline(s) for registrations
  • invitation letters sent
  • financial situation


We already received a lot of feedback and many registrations for the TSC – mostly from students in different parts of Africa – which is great. But at the same time we have the impression that some people who registered might have a wrong picture of the congress. Therefore we decided to publish a self-conception of us, the TSC Orga-Collective, in addition to the already existing introduction and ask everyone interested to participate in the TSC to read it!

The issue of climate change will not be a particular focus at the TSC.


In case of urgent matters you can now also reach us by phone. We set up the following two mobile phone numbers, which will serve as the infophone for the TSC: +49 176 8824 8703 / +49 176 8821 9137

Feel free to also make use of the option to send an SMS.

As always you can also contact us via email: tsc2013@riseup.net

Call going out to flat-sharing communities in Marburg

Since we can’t afford to book rooms at hostels or even hotels, we depend on the solidarity of flat-sharing communities in Marburg to host participants of the TSC. Therefore we published this call in German and English!

At the same time we are also still trying to book a sports hall near by the university, which could then be used as a sleeping place as well.

Deadline(s) for registrations!

We ask everyone in need of an invitation letter (or financial support) to register through the website by August 15th!
We appreciate, if everyone else also registers as soon as possible, that will help us here in Marburg to set up the necessary infrastructure.

Final deadline is October 14th!

First set of invitation letters sent

We sent out the first set of invitation letters at the end of July.
Another bunch will be send out during this week.

Financial situation

We want to emphasize that the TSC is not being organized by any NGOs, governmental organizations or private companies. Therefore our financial means are very limited. So far two general students’ committees confirmed to support the TSC financially – the one at the University of Duisburg-Essen and the one at the University of Marburg.
We approached many more across Germany and will also reach out to some labour unions. By the middle of August we expect to get a first overview of our financial capabilities.

For many their participation depends on financial support to be able to pay for travel expenses. Therefore we also ask structures elsewhere (e.g. national student unions) to consider supporting the TSC with a donation.

At the same time we encourage everyone to also search for opportunities to gather funds in their region to cover travel expenses. For example in Cairo students are arranging a solidarity concert to generate funds.



  1. Amgad Elsabagh

    I didn’t need financial support .. I need a visa only.
    By the way, I’m not professional in English and Deutsch.
    When will know the final answer?

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