Overview of Inputs registered (so far)

More than 100 people already registered for the TSC. To give you an impression of what to expect at the TSC, we decided to put together inputs registered so far.

NOTE: How many of them will really be part of the program remains to be seen. At this stage it is unclear how many of the people who registered for the TSC will actually be able to participate. For many their participation depends on financial support to pay for travel expenses as well as on a granted visa.
We will publish an updated version in about a month from now.

In case you want to get in touch with participants from a particular region ahead of the TSC, then drop us a line and we will forward your request to the people you want to contact.

Make sure to register for the TSC as soon as possible and include a short description of your contribution (workshop, presentation, film screening, etc.), in case you want to give one.

For any questions or suggestions contact tsc2013@riseup.net.

Finally, here is the overview:

Overview of TSC inputs [26.08.2013]


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