TSC Newsletter #3

In addition to Newsletter #1 and Newsletter #2 we herewith publish Newsletter #3.

  • update on accomodation opportunities
  • “Dos & Don’ts” at the TSC
  • perspectives after the TSC
  • deadline for registrations
  • letter of support from the university administration

Update on accomodation opportunities

Last week we booked a few rooms at a pension near by the social sciences faculty of the university. Most rooms include 4 beds and in total up to 19 people can be accomodated at the pension.
In addition we published this call going out to student flat-sharing communities in Marburg a few weeks ago. Around 10 of them already got back to us confirming that they are willing to host TSC participants during the week. The new semester will begin next week, so many students are only returning to Marburg now. In the coming days we will keep spreading the call and are confident to get the support of enough flat-sharing communities.

“Dos & Don’ts” at the TSC

The TSC Orga-Collective agreed on the following “Dos & Don’ts” during the Transnational Student Congress:


  • Ask for help and help others.
  • Speak out and express your views.
  • Initiate a workshop or other activities.
  • Behave respectfully towards other participants.
  • Reflect on your own (speaking) behaviour and how it impacts the discussion atmosphere.
  • Make sure to announce your contribution to the program at the info-point as soon as possible.
  • This is also your congress, which also comes with responsibilities. So be an active part and help to shape it.


  • Hesitate to ask for translations.
  • Promote fascist or racist views, religious extremism or other forms of discrimination.
  • Get caught doing illegal stuff.

The list is also available online here.

Perspectives after the TSC

With  this text we, the TSC orga-collective, attempt to initiate a discussion and process on what we, as participants, could work towards during the TSC as a broader goal. The purpose of this is to ensure that we also come up with something during the TSC, that we can build on in the future.

Check out the complete text here!

Get involved – shape the TSC!

All participants are invited to give their own input in this regard and share their views and ideas. For this purpose this pad was set up.
Simply open the link and start typing in the window. Any changes are automatically saved. Click here for more details on etherpads.

Deadline for registrations!

We are happy to announce that student activists among others from Pretoria (South Africa), Bucharest (Romania), Raleigh (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal) as well as Gambia already confirmed their participation in the TSC!
Make sure to confirm your participation as soon as possible!

All are asked to register before October 15th!!
This is important, so that we can coordinate accomodation opportunities for all participants.

Letter of Support from the Uni administration

We know that some of you still have appointments at embassies/ consulates to apply for a visa.
To support that process we now finally also have a letter of support from the Marburg university administration in german and english.

In case of any questions or suggestions in connection with the TSC feel free to make use of the contact page.


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