TSC – and what’s next?

Transnational Student Congress – and what’s next?

With  this text we, the TSC orga-collective, attempt to initiate a discussion and process on what we, as participants, could work towards during the TSC as a broader goal. The purpose of this is to ensure that we also come up with something during the TSC, that we can build on in the future.

As already pointed out in the introduction to the TSC, one of the main aims is to create a common ground for a network of individuals and groups involved in emancipatory struggles in different parts of the world. A common ground that can function as a basis for future coordinations on the transnational level. This could be done through a statement.

To support a flow of information among the various individuals and groups and to facilitate any future coordinations we could try to create some sort of communication infrastructure.

The International Student Movement (ISM) platform is an example of what such an infrastructure can be like. To what extend the ISM itself might even prove to be useful for this purpose and if it might be necessary to make use of new tools like we.riseup.net and Mumble could be explored during workshops at the TSC.

In case you are wondering how a transnational coordination can look like, we suggest that you take a look at past coordination efforts, such as the Global Education Strike in 2012. Similarly the Global Wave of Action for Free Education [Nov.17-23rd 2013] is currently being coordinated.

Last but not least we think the TSC should also be used to explore possibilities of organizing similar congresses in the future at different locations – maybe a TSC 2014?

We suggest that all participants of the TSC consider the above and we invite everyone to get involved in related discussions and workshops during the TSC!

TSC Orga-Collective


Get involved – shape the TSC!

All participants are invited to give their own input in this regard and share their views and ideas. For this purpose this pad was set up.
Simply open the link and start typing in the window. Any changes are automatically saved. Click here for more details on etherpads.


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