Arriving by plane at Frankfurt/M airport:
On Sunday and Monday (Oct.27
/ Oct.28)  two people of the TSC orga-collective will travel between Marburg and Frankfurt/M airport to support participants in their journey to the TSC. Please come to:

Terminal 1Level 1 – look out for the “meeting point” (map)

On Monday (Oct.28th):
1:30pm (meeting point at Frankfurt/M main airport as described above) – 4:30pm (at the central train station [Hauptbahnhof] Frankfurt/M in front of Mc Donalds)

If participants arrive on another day, and need support travelling to Marburg, then they should let us know and we will try to arrange something.

Arriving by train:
Get off at the Hauptbahnhof Marburg (central station) → walk to the bus stop under the bridge (when you get out of the central station walk towards the left side) → take bus 1, 2, 4, 5, or 7 → get out at stop “Stadthalle” → right at the bus stop you will see a big building: the „Hörsaalgebäude“ (which is behind the uni admin building) → walk inside, say „hello“ to the info-point!

In case you arrive on another day – the info -point at the Hörsaalgebäude will only be there on Monday – then we suggest you make use of and set these coordinates: Pos@: 8.774304 50.810465 + Pos@: 8.779760 50.809795 to find out how to get to the info-point at the social sciences faculty from the bus stop “Stadthalle”. Don’t forget to click on the “pedestrian” symbol before hitting “calculate”.

If everything fails, call the TSC info-phone: +49 176 8824 8703 / +49 176 8821 9137

Hörsaalgebäude (lecture hall building): Biegenstraße 14 (info-point on monday)
PhilFak (social sciences faculty): Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6 (info-point from tuesday to sunday)
AStA (student union): Erlenring 5


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