We try our very best to make it possible for everyone interested to be able to participate. The general student committee at the University of Marburg (AStA) will be able to cover all the costs on the local level. Congress attendance itself will be free of charge. There will also be free meals and places to sleep in Marburg.

In some regions students have no financial means and no access to structures which would support them financially. Therefore they highly depend on the solidarity from other parts of the world. Consequently the success of the Transnational Student Congress also depends on donations from other groups and organisations.

If your student union or other organisation supports the TSC, please consider to donate to the account below, which we set up especially for the TSC:

Reference to: [Please fill in your own reference]
Account Holder:
TSC Marburg, Yasmin El Hawari
Account Number: 23404516
Bank Identification Number [BIN]: 51390000
Bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen eG
For international transfers you need also need to state the BIC (aka SWIFT-Code) / IBAN (International Bank Account Number) as stated below.
IBAN: DE76 5139 0000 0023 4045 16

You can also support the TSC by purchasing a flight for a participant on account. And we can also send you a donation receipt.
For further details or to clarify any questions, please get in touch with us:


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