“Dos & Don’ts” at the TSC

The TSC Orga-Collective agreed on the following “Dos & Don’ts” during the Transnational Student Congress.


  • Ask for help and help others.
  • Speak out and express your views.
  • Initiate a workshop or other activities.
  • Behave respectfully towards other participants.
  • Reflect on your own (speaking) behaviour and how it impacts the discussion atmosphere.
  • Make sure to announce your contribution to the program at the info-point as soon as possible.
  • This is also your congress, which also comes with responsibilities. So be an active part and help to shape it.


  • Hesitate to ask for translations.
  • Promote fascist or racist views, religious extremism or other forms of discrimination.
  • Get caught doing illegal stuff.

Overview of Inputs registered (so far)

More than 100 people already registered for the TSC. To give you an impression of what to expect at the TSC, we decided to put together inputs registered so far.

NOTE: How many of them will really be part of the program remains to be seen. At this stage it is unclear how many of the people who registered for the TSC will actually be able to participate. For many their participation depends on financial support to pay for travel expenses as well as on a granted visa.
We will publish an updated version in about a month from now.

In case you want to get in touch with participants from a particular region ahead of the TSC, then drop us a line and we will forward your request to the people you want to contact.

Make sure to register for the TSC as soon as possible and include a short description of your contribution (workshop, presentation, film screening, etc.), in case you want to give one.

For any questions or suggestions contact tsc2013@riseup.net.

Finally, here is the overview:

Overview of TSC inputs [26.08.2013]

TSC Newsletter #2

In addition to Newsletter #1 we herewith publish Newsletter #2 ­čÖé

  • self-conception
  • infophone
  • call going out to flat-sharing communities in Marburg
  • deadline(s) for registrations
  • invitation letters sent
  • financial situation


We already received a lot of feedback and many registrations for the TSC – mostly from students in different parts of Africa – which is great. But at the same time we have the impression that some people who registered might have a wrong picture of the congress. Therefore we decided to publish a self-conception of us, the TSC Orga-Collective, in addition to the already existing introduction and ask everyone interested to participate in the TSC to read it!

The issue of climate change will not be a particular focus at the TSC.


In case of urgent matters you can now also reach us by phone. We set up the following two mobile phone numbers, which will serve as the infophone for the TSC: +49 176 8824 8703 / +49 176 8821 9137

Feel free to also make use of the option to send an SMS.

As always you can also contact us via email: tsc2013@riseup.net

Call going out to flat-sharing communities in Marburg

Since we can’t afford to book rooms at hostels or even hotels, we depend on the solidarity of flat-sharing communities in Marburg to host participants of the TSC. Therefore we published this call in German and English!

At the same time we are also still trying to book a sports hall near by the university, which could then be used as a sleeping place as well.

Deadline(s) for registrations!

We ask everyone in need of an invitation letter (or financial support) to register through the website by August 15th!
We appreciate, if everyone else also registers as soon as possible, that will help us here in Marburg to set up the necessary infrastructure.

Final deadline is October 14th!

First set of invitation letters sent

We sent out the first set of invitation letters at the end of July.
Another bunch will be send out during this week.

Financial situation

We want to emphasize that the TSC is not being organized by any NGOs, governmental organizations or private companies. Therefore our financial means are very limited. So far two general students’ committees confirmed to support the TSC financially – the one at the University of Duisburg-Essen and the one at the University of Marburg.
We approached many more across Germany and will also reach out to some labour unions. By the middle of August we expect to get a first overview of our financial capabilities.

For many their participation depends on financial support to be able to pay for travel expenses. Therefore we also ask structures elsewhere (e.g. national student unions) to consider supporting the TSC with a donation.

At the same time we encourage everyone to also search for opportunities to gather funds in their region to cover travel expenses. For example in Cairo students are arranging a solidarity concert to generate funds.

Aufruf an WGs / Call-out to flat-sharing communities

scroll down for a translation in English

Aufruf an Wohngemeinschaften in Marburg:

Wir – einige Studierende an der Uni Marburg, gemeinsam mit dem Referat f├╝r internationale Vernetzung des AStA und der Studierendenbewegung an der Misr International University in Kairo – sind gerade dabei den Transnational Student Congress (TSC) zu organisieren. Der TSC wird in Marburg vom 28. Oktober bis 03. November 2013 stattfinden.

Wir erwarten Studierende aus verschiedenen Teilen der Erde, die am Kongress teilnehmen. Da die ├ťbernachtung in Hotels und Jugendherbergen in Marburg recht teuer und/oder diese in dem Zeitraum belegt sind, suchen wir WGs, die uns helfen und Teilnehmer_innen w├Ąhrend des Kongresses bei sich aufnehmen w├╝rden.

Falls ihr ein freies Bett, eine Couch oder Platz f├╝r eine Luftmatratze f├╝r mind. drei Tage w├Ąhrend des TSC habt und zur Verf├╝gung stellen w├╝rdet, schreibt uns bitte so bald wie m├Âglich eine E-Mail mit eurer Adresse und der Anzahl der Leute, die ihr aufnehmen k├Ânnt: tsc2013@riseup.net

Es w├Ąre eine gro├če Hilfe!

Vielen Dank!
TSC Orga-Kollektiv

Call-out to flat sharing communities in Marburg:

We – individual students at the University of Marburg, department for international networking of the general students’ committee (AStA) at the University of Marburg and student movement at Misr International University in Cairo – are currently preparing the Transnational Student Congress (TSC) that will take a place in Marburg in between October 28th and November 03rd 2013.

We are expecting students from different parts of the world to participate in the TSC. Since staying in hotels and hostels in Marburg is extremely expensive and inconvenient, weÔÇÖre trying to find flat-sharing communities who are willing to host participants during the congress.

If you have a free bed, a couch or space for an extra airbed for at least three days during the TSC, then please send us an Email with your address as well as the number of people you can host as soon as possible: tsc2013@riseup.net

It would be a great help.

Thank you very much.
TSC Orga-Collective

Self-Conception of the TSC Orga-Collective

We already received a lot of feedback and many registrations for the TSC. To make sure that none of you gets a wrong picture of the congress, we would like you to read our self-conception in addition to the introduction:
The Transnational Student Congress is supposed to be a place of conversation, discussion, exchange of ideas and networking for students all over the world. Therefore we would like everybody who  attends the congress also to contribute to the program.
Futhermore we want participants to know that we as organizers strive for a non-hierarchical society and see ourselves as part of the struggel for emancipation and self-governance. We are very critical of the capitalist system and question predominant power structures. We strive for these values to be reflected in the congress.
The congress is for students involved in groups on the grassroots level, consequently the TSC is no platform for self-advertising of groups or political parties, nor do we want it to be used for someone’s own personal career objectives.
Feel free to get back to us, if you have any questions: tsc2013@riseup.net

Vorstellung des TSC

Transnational Student Congress in Marburg
28.10. –┬á 03.11.2013

In den letzten Jahren konnten wir massive Proteste und Aufst├Ąnde, bei denen Studierende eine ma├čgebliche Rolle spielten,┬á auf der ganzen Welt beobachten. Gleichzeitig war das Potential sich auf transnationaler und globaler Ebene zu vernetzen und sich gegenseitig zu unterst├╝tzen noch nie so gro├č wie heutzutage.

Um diesen positiven Aspekt der Globalisierung voranzutreiben, wird der Transnational Student Congress (TSC) in Marburg, einer gem├╝tlichen Kleinstadt in Deutschland, stattfinden.

Der TSC wird ein Ort f├╝r Studierende weltweit sein, die sich in emanzipatorischen Auseinandersetzung befinden; Menschen, die f├╝r Ziele, wie den freien Zugang zu Bildung, die Erm├Ąchtigung von Frauen, Gender Equality und studentischer Mitbestimmung k├Ąmpfen. Zwei inhaltliche Schwerpunkte werden u.a. grunds├Ątzliche Entwicklungen in Bildungssystemen sowie die Beleuchtung unterschiedlicher Verst├Ąndnisse von Demokratie sein. Auch die aktuellen politischen Transformationsprozesse in der MENA-Region (Middle-East and North-Africa) werden im Fokus stehen.

Der TSC wird nicht nur eine Plattform sein, um sich zu vernetzen, Erfahrungen und Ideen auszutauschen und von aktuellen Situationen anderswo zu erfahren, sondern auch ein Ort, um an einer Grundlage f├╝r ein transnationales Netzwerk emanzipatorischer Kr├Ąfte zu arbeiten.

Der Kongress ist f├╝r alle offen, die sich mit emanzipatorischen K├Ąmpfen identifizieren, und h├Ąngt von dem aktiven Einbringen aller Teilnehmenden ab. Um ein Maximum an Partizipation zu gew├Ąhrleisten, soll die Anzahl an Vorlesungen auf eine Minimum reduziert werden. Stattdessen werden ├╝berwiegend Workshops, Diskussionsrunden und andere Formen interaktiver Kommunikation das Programm pr├Ągen. Die Teilnehmenden selbst sind aufgerufen Inhalte zu Themen im Zusammenhang mit emanzipatorischen K├Ąmpfen ihrer Wahl beizutragen. Das kann in Form von Inputs bei Diskussionen bis hin zu eigenen Workshops oder anderen Aktivit├Ąten gehen. Auf der Homepage werden die Beitr├Ąge f├╝r das Programm ver├Âffentlicht.
Damit diese auch in dem Heft zum Kongress mit aufgenommen werden k├Ânnen, m├╝ssen jegliche Workshops etc. bis zum 14. Oktober bei uns angek├╝ndigt worden sein. Alle Teilnehmenden werden dazu aufgerufen, sich sobald wie m├Âglich ├╝ber die Homepage f├╝r den Kongress anzumelden, damit das Orga-Kollektiv besser planen kann.

Obwohl die finanzielle Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r alle nicht garantiert werden kann, werden wir unser Bestes tun, um allen Interessierten die Teilnahme zu erm├Âglichen. An der Teilnahme Interessierte, die finanzielle Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r die Anreise oder eine Einladung f├╝r die Beantragung eines Visums ben├Âtigen, sollten sich zu dem TSC bis zum 15. August anmelden.

Die Teilnahme am Kongress ist kostenfrei. Au├čerdem wird es eine K├╝fA (K├╝che f├╝r Alle) und Schlafpl├Ątze geben.

Wir m├Âchten an dieser Stelle darauf hinweisen, dass wir Gruppen nahe legen zu ber├╝cksichtigen, dass wir insbesondere Frauen ermutigen am TSC zu partizipieren.

Um ├╝ber die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Zusammenhang mit der Organisation des TSC informiert zu bleiben, setzt euch auf diesen Newsletter-Verteiler.

Bei Fragen oder Vorschl├Ągen, schickt uns eine eMail an tsc2013@riseup.net.

Introduction to the TSC

Transnational Student Congress in Marburg
Oct. 28th – Nov. 3rd 2013

For the past few years we have witnessed massive protests and uprisings around the world in which students played a fundamental role. At the same time there was never such great potential to connect and support each other on the transnational and global level as there is today.

To advance this positive aspect of globalisation the Transnational Student Congress (TSC) will take place in Marburg, a cosy city in the middle of Germany.

The TSC will be a place for students around the world involved in emancipatory struggles; people who struggle for issues such as equal access to education, women empowerment, student empowerment and gender equality. Two main focusses will also be on the general developments within educational systems as well as concepts of democracy. Another main topic will be the ongoing political transformations in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Besides being a platform to come together, network, exchange experiences and ideas and learn about the current situation elsewhere, the TSC will be a place to work on a common ground for a transnational network of emancipatory forces.

The congress is open to all identifying with emancipatory struggles and depends on everyones active participation. In order to allow for a maximum of interaction, the number of lectures will be kept to a minimum, instead workshops, discussions and other paticipatory forms of communication will shape the program. Participants themselves are encouraged to initiate contributions on topics related to emancipatory struggles of their choice. These might range from giving inputs to a discussion to offering workshops or other activities.

Furthermore people are encouraged to announce their contributions on our website. For a chance of it to be included in the congress guide this has to happen before October 14th. All participants are kindly asked to register on our website as soon as possible, in order to help the organisational team with the planning.

Though financial support for everyone cannot be guaranteed, we will try our very best to make it possible for everyone interested to be able to participate. Participants in need of reimbursements for their travel expenditures or an invitation letter for the visa have to register before August 15th.

Congress attendance will be free of charge, there will be free meals and places to sleep will be offered.

We ask groups to consider that we strongly encourage women to participate.

To stay informed about the latest news on the TSC sign up to this newsletter.
In addition to this introduction make sure to also read the self-conception of the TSC Orga Collective.

Feel free to contact tsc2013@riseup.net for any questions related to the TSC.