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Newsletter #4

In addition to Newsletter #1, Newsletter #2 and Newsletter #3 we herewith publish the final TSC Newsletter #4.

  • Confirm your participation!
  • Prorgramme
  • Arrival

Confirm your participation!

About 1 week ago we asked all who registered to re-confirm, that they will still participate in the TSC. This is important so that the TSC orga-collective can coordinate accomodation opportunities for all participants.
Many still didn’t respond to that request – 2 days before the TSC begins.
Therefore we assume that from the following regions participants are confirmed: Kathmandu, Kosovo [2], Pretoria, Bucharest, Slovenia [4], Koblenz, Raleigh, Vienna [3], Tulkarem [2], Montréal, Amsterdam [5], Cairo, Beirut, Hamburg.

So, in case you didn’t get back to us to re-confirm your participation, please do so NOW! And also let us know when you will arrive and plan to depart again.
And please also let us know in case you already re-confirmed your participation, but will not be able to make it after all.

Latest TSC Programme

Below you will find the latest version of the TSC schedule:

TSC schedule 25.10.

For details on each programme point go here!


The “arrival page” was updated. Please check it out for details.
And in case you need support in getting from Frankfurt/M to Marburg, make sure to send us your arrival details; e.g. what time your train/ flight is scheduled to arrive in Frankfurt/M.

Also make sure to write down the TSC Info-phone numbers, when making your way to Marburg: +49 176 8824 8703 / +49 176 8821 9137
Alternatively make use of the contact form, if you want to reach the TSC orga-collective.